Brittney Paul

Brittney Paul was born on May 2, 1999 in Jacksonville, FL. She was homeschooled and graduated high school two years early. Before acting, she was involved in gymnastics since she could walk. She had also drawn, painted, played piano, and guitar, none of which she held a passion for.
She has always had a feeling she was going to be an actor, but thought it was a silly thing that all kids felt, that they wanted to become a “Movie Star.”
After trying to satisfy her feeling with art and music, she realized that it was more than just a feeling, and that acting is what she is made for. Since then, she has constantly been training and she has trained with many people including Jill Donnellen, Cindy Hogan, Alvin Farmer, and Tandem Media. She can be seen in many recent film projects and the recently released Feature, “Something to Lose.”

Recent Projects

“Something to Lose” 2017
When the Garison twin’s sister is tragically killed in a car accident, they begrudgingly head off on a camping trip with their neighbors, while their parents deal with funeral arrangements. While on the trip, they are lured into the wood by an ancient and evil creature who convinces them that she is their sister.

“After the Fall” 2017
While on a long journey north, a post-apocalyptic survivor is awakened to the sound of an explosion, and upon investigation, finds the hope that she might not be alone in this deadened world.